Screaming Hand 30th

Screaming Hand Judi OyamaScreaming Hand Judi Oyama

Screaming Hand Judi Oyama

Screaming Hand 30th

It is rare that I have the opportunity to do art. I was honored to be invited to do a piece for the Screaming Hand 30th Anniversary Show. Thanks to Jim Phillips. Though I am not on the official list I did this piece for the show. I skated for Santa Cruz Skateboards and Independent Trucks since the 1970’s. I majored in illustration graphic design. Skateboarding is a boys club so women out there do not be surprised that you have to work twice as hard to get anywhere in the action sports or in life. Be strong and go for it. I hand drew several versions and scanned in the art reworked in illustrator and practiced my skills. This inspired me to do more fun art. I hope to start painting and drawing more often.

Client: Santa Cruz Skateboards
Project: Screaming Hand 30th Anniversary Art Show 2015
Talent: Judi Oyama

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