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MID-Badgirl Mermaid  MID-crossfit SkaterMID-Badgirl NinjaMaximum Impact Design Bad Girl Mermaid

Cooper the Dog Sticker

Cooper the dog

MID Bad Girl Mermaid logo MID Bad Girl Mermaid logo T shirtMID Bad Girl logo MID Bad Girl Mermaid logo

MID Klean Kanteen


MID Mermaid logo

MID Bad Girl Logo

Bad Girl is my creative way to get my own designs into my work and have some fun. Stickers and t-shirts in the production. Stickers arrived an are here a little fun site I put together Badassskatemom.com. T’s a bit longer. I’ll post. Thanks to Rockinstickers for the great job and posts. This has grown into a little bigger project then originally planned so check out the new swag and Crossfit inspired pieces on the BASM site and on the Badass Skatemom MID page here.

Client: Maximum Impact Design
Project: Bad Girl

Categories: Art Direction, Branding, Creative Art, Graphic Design, Print, Product Graphics, Work,