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Manresa Rods Branding

Manresa Rods Branding and website

Branding project for Manresa Rods hand built custom fishing rods built in Aptos, CA. This is my husbands loves to build and make things. Besides houses, he likes to make fishing rods and knifes.

All Manresa Rods are hand crafted in my home workshop in Aptos, California. I am a high-end building contractor by day with a passion for fishing. Rod building started from my desire to be deeply involved in this sport and my need to create beautiful, useful things. I started making my own rods for myself and I tested them on many fishing trips around Northern California, Alaska, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana. I had a few friends ask me to build them custom rods, which grew into more clients and more rod orders.

I took the photos at Rooster Comb Ranch and the fishing image on the Missouri River in Montana.

Client: Manresa Rods
Project: Branding and Website

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