Cisco Wall Graphics installed building 18. I was the asked to come up with a unique graphic to add some life to the long hallways. We tied in Cisco electronics current and future uses. The Jimbo Phillips wall is over 112 feet long. Beach days. Inspired by networking the universe and showing interactive wifi and live streaming. 
Cole Lemke side was 68 feet long and had two columns instead of leaving them bare we were able to wrap them. Which in turn inspired the Alien and Octopus tubes. 
No boring days walking into work.
A few little tidbits if you are a longtime Cisco employee you will see and smile. 
Final Alien Space Cisco Wall Graphic Building 8 illustration by Cole Lemke.
Steps from rough to final. Once the wall was installed we shot all of these images ourselves. Would have been nice to have professional shot the walls but this was in a secure location where most people don't get to walk.
Original Vector Graphics of vinyl wrap for the Cisco interior columns that were in the hallway. Catto's Graphics created and installed the graphics with an amazing installer that installed the Super Bowl Graphics in San Francisco and San Jose that same year.
We ended up cover the bare bottom with board shorts 
to not offend any passer by's and respect the Alien's privacy.
Most of the photos were taken on installation day. Not professionally shot but you can get the idea of how it came out. Very proud of this project.
This is the floor graphic that went with the column. We wanted to add a little extra visual.
Digital mock-up of wall graphics. We did a small floor area graphic in the end because of durability and cleaning. A smaller area closer to the column where there is less foot traffic rather than all the way across the floor. 
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