Badass Signage

Be awesome Thank you you’re awesome sticker for Badass SkatemomBe Awesome CrossFit sign
Come in Kickass and Welcome Badass CrossFit signage.


BASM target Strong is beautifulBASM target Badass

Strong is Beautiful Mermaid CrossFit Wall ball target

Strong is Beautiful Mermaid CrossFit Wall ball target

Badass Signage

New CrossFit inspired CrossFit box signage. Printed in the USA.

Small window signs 8 x 5.5″.

18 x 12 in. 1/2″ thick Honeycomb and B Fluted Cardboard 1/8″
Coming in Cardboard eco-friendly indoor two thicknesses
Correx a corrugated plastic material lightweight, weather-resistant and recyclable.

Pull and Push window stickers.

Lallball Targets 15″ round UV matt lamination

Made in the USA

Client: Badass Skatemom
Project: CrossFit Box Signage
Talent: Judi Oyama

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